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Short Intro

Intelligent Output Systems is a specialized software and IoT development team based in South Africa. We are focused on offering cutting edge software and automation solutions at competitive rates in order to expand our international client base. Our current international client base includes private companies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, with our South African client base including private companies, labor unions and local Government departments.

We are geniuses.
We are creators.
We are nerds.
We are IO Systems.

Software Services

Mobile App Development


We apply the Rapid Application Development methodology to deliver quality, user-centric mobile applications. Our teams are experienced and skilled in the latest development frameworks that enables us to deliver Apple iOS & Google Android compatible apps. Our developer profiles, Apple and Google, allow the publication of mobile applications to the respective App Stores.

Web Application Development


Our web application development process also follows the Rapid Application Development methodology. Our teams are experienced and skilled in the latest Open Source frameworks. Our applications are developed to be fast, secure and intuitive. We further offer custom-API development and integration services. The software deployment team is proficient in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Linux hosting environments.

Internet of Things Development


The IOT team is focused on the design and development of end-to-end solutions. This includes electronic design, firmware development and IoT software development. Our teams is skilled and experienced in C++, Python, Electronic Design Software and automation technologies. Our service offering can take your concept from prototype development to commercialisation at cost effective rates.

Database Development and Management


We understand the importance of an optimised and secure database. The integrity of data is the foundation of a solid application. Our database team is skilled in both Flat File Database and Relational Database design and development. Our database services also include database management and optimisation.

Our Technology Stack

Windows Expert
Apple Expert
Android Expert
Linux Expert
Rasberry-Pi Expert
Ardiuno Expert

  • Angular

  • Apple iOS and macOS

  • Apple Development Technologies

  • Biometric Technologies

  • Blazor

  • CSS

  • Data Historian

  • Flutter

  • General Electric Automation Technologies

  • GIS Technologies

  • Google Android Studio

  • IONIC 2 (mobile)

  • Javascript

  • Knockout JS frameworks

  • Linux

  • Machine Learning

  • Microsoft ASP.NET

  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft C#

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft SQL Enterprise Relational Database Management System

  • Microsoft Windows (7, 10 and Server)

  • PhoneGap powered by Apache Cordova

  • Python

  • RFID Technologies

  • Service Stack for bulk cross-server communication


  • Visual C++

  • XAMARIN (mobile)

  • XCode

Our  Team

io systems team

Contact Us


4 Hurd Street
Newton Park
Port Elizabeth
Contact us:
(+27) 87 943 6873

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