Hikvision CCTV Temperature screening cameras

Hikvision CCTV Temperature Scanning solutions are easy to add to your existing IP CCTV system and can greatly reduce the risk of COVDI-19 infections spreading undetected. The temperature scanning cameras are designed to scan and analyze the body temperature of a person within the camera’s field of view. The camera temperature reading is accurate to within 0.5 degrees Celsius.

  • Accurate readings of up to 0.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Cameras can be fixed or handheld depending on requirements
  • Easy and cost effective to add to existing IP CCTV systems
  • Ensuring that only persons with an acceptable body temperature enters a building
  • Temperatures can be measured from safe distances greater than 1.5m

COVID Temprature Screening

ZK Access Control Temperature Scanners

ZK has launched a new Temperature scanner for Access Control and Time and Attendance. The scanner has 3 main functions that it looks for and verifies on a member that request permission to enter. These 3 functions are identifying if the person is wearing a mask, Scans the temperature of the person to check if it is with the range that was set, and then thirdly identifies to see if the person has authority to access the area. Even one failed criteria requirement will stop any entry to a designated area.

  • Automatically validate that a person is authorized for area entry, wearing a mask and that body temperature is within the acceptable threshold
  • Can be configured to act as a non-contact access control system
  • Easy and cost-effective system which can be deployed rapidly
  • Temperature scanning at a safe distance